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Business Card
Logo painted on grass

Seeing how it would look on grass – ourpark logo could be painted on grass along with information on where to download it. Could be good publicity to raise awareness as it is something different – therefore could catch people’s attention. Advantage of this is that it is temporary, unlike painting on tarmac paths, benches, etc. I don’t want the ourpark publicity to become part of the problem – causing damage to paths/benches or making them look unsightly once paint wears away.

Facebook Mock Up
Instagram Feed
Instagram Profile


Instagram, Facebook and other Social Media to be used to raise awareness of park problems and the app but also to celebrate parks by posting photos of volunteers helping their local parks, good work that councils are doing to maintain parks and promoting park events.

Web Design Research



Web Design Trends/Digital Trends and Grid Layouts and Forum Software

Web Design Trends for 2017


Illutration Research



20 Websites that Prove Gradients are Making a Comeback



2018 Graphic Design Trends + Inspirational Showcase

20 Websites that Prove Gradients are Making a Comeback


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2018 Graphic Design Trends + Inspirational Showcase – installed

Install of on own server mention that

Stephanie Osman is feeling angry.

Kids in it wrecking the swings again! This is why the council don’t pay to fix it!”

Janine Trigg I dot think it will stop unless they is something like cctv in there or community wardens going in and making sure it’s OK they was a support office that went in yesterday but that was at 3.30 when no kids where in there and I have to agree with Kate Duttonit’s not always the teenagers that spoil it it is the younger ones as well I just hope that after all the effort and fighting that you have done to get the park looking well again will stay that way for the little ones I used to take my son in there when he was a baby before it got spoilt and it was a lovely park let’s hope it gets back that way and stays that way



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Andy Czech Nymph I’ve just been up and had a good tidy and sorted out the swings now. The children were there and they were very polite with my as I did it and I explained why I’m going to do what I can to keep the park in good order because it’s for the kids of S6 to enjoy. I’m never looking for trouble and will never cause any I’m just going to do my bit for the area where I can. Don’t hate the kids folks we were all young once!”

Rebecca Abrames-Bailey When we got involved with the park nearly 13 years ago we got all the older kids involved in helping to keep an eye out and to give ideas about what there should be in the park for them and younger ones. It really worked they looked after the park until they got to 16 and went to collage then other teenagers came along and vandalised it. You have to get the kids on board otherwise it means nothing. Also I think it’s not kids from s6 but from other areas that are vandalising it.



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Tessa Lupton I completely agree Rebecca. I do intend to go in to the schools and ask the kids what they want, I also stop and ask them in the park when I see them.
Are you willing to get involved again? It would be great to have another pair of hands 😊


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Rebecca Abrames-Bailey Tessa at the min I’m looking after Fox Hill park. Now that’s been a mission. We have a lot of glass broken on the area for kids with bikes and people with dogs. We managed to get funding for a bin on the main pathway in the park only for S5 kids to rag the door off of it and set fire to it. That’s now been taken away and we won’t be able to get another one even though all the dog walkers used it. It’s just a few that ruin it but so far we’ve managed to keep it from being destroyed and that has been up a long time now. Fox Hill forum might help in promoting the park. In the better weather you could have a picnic to promote your ideas to families and local residents. Maybe get kids involved in planting bulbs. Xx



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Tessa Lupton Thanks Rebecca. Yes we are planning a park opening day party when the weather gets better towards the end of May now so will definitely do some things along this a lines.
That’s such a shame about your bin. Do you have a friend’s group too?



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Rebecca Abrames-Bailey Tessa well I would love to come to your opening party. I tried the Fb page but I didn’t get a very good response so there are just 5 of us and we are 5 o’clock dog club too so we keep a watch on the park at this time too x”
Use to show interest that parents have in looking after park. Also get kids involved – make suggestion for child involvement? Brain storm.


 Sam liked app layout.
Hosting event in Wolfe Road Park
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Image result for summer fair
Image result for summer fair
Image result for summer fair posters
Image result for summer fair posters
App Design Guidelines:

The Guide to Mobile App Design: Best Practices for 2018 and Beyond – people under 45 not watching TV – promote via Facebook, Youtube? Prove that people are more tech savvy and up to date these days.

Logo Research and Initial Designs

Although I consider a wider audience after feedback on my idea I have decided to aim the app at parents, in particular of younger children who are visiting the park with their children. This could still cover a large age range from parents in their 20s to 40s but most live births are to mothers and fathers between 30-34 so it is likely the app would be used by parents in the 30s to early 40s.

“In 2015, over half (53%) of all live births in England and Wales were to mothers aged 30 and over and two-thirds (68%) of fathers were aged 30 and over.

The average age of all fathers increased to 33.2 years in 2015, compared with 33.1 years in 2014. For mothers the average age was 30.3 years compared with 30.2 years in 2014.

The average age of first-time mothers was 28.6 years in 2015, compared with 28.5 years in 2014.”

Parent/Mum App Logos

Cover art

Cover art

Cover artCover art

Cover artCover art

Cover artCover art

Cover artCover art

Lots of geometric shapes, contemporary yet friendly typefaces and bright colours.

Initial Ideas.

These logos ideas are the ones that have the most potential. Making amendments/adjustments to the most workable logo idea including potentially a different typeface choice and colour scheme.

The idea by this is that I wanted to have something that represented parks/green spaces – the leaf but make it look like a heart to represent the love/care people have for their local parks.

As the logo for is an app/website, keeping it simple will work better on phones due to the screen size.

I have played around with using hand-drawn/grunge/ink effect for the stoke around the leaf design to make it look more natural.

I put my design on the Graphic Design Forum requesting feedback:

Some of the feedback received:

“Look at the logos in your post without clicking on the images. That’s the sort of size they will be on the screen. They are too small and blurry. #4 is the simplest but it looks like a zillion other ‘green’ logos.


“Personally, I like where you’ve gone with these and although there is some room for improvement I think you’ve done well here.
I tend to like No4 the most but I see what you’ve done with the others also.

Green/community logo type stuff can be hard to do and re-invent the wheel so to speak as they do tend to have a similar vibe anyway.
A bit like optician logos. ;)


“They really need simplifying, remove all the additional texture and fuss and just work with a black shape for now. No.4 would be my favourite to work up, the heart/leaf motif would transition well, and a heart is a recognisable app icon already, so could be worked into the UI for saving/favouriting content. I’d use a stronger font though, what you currently have reminds me of a day care centre or something (though the colours could have something to do with that). Look at the National Trust font, that’s a serif which feels traditional, but it has character of its own.

Also try it out in some different contexts – a sign in a park, livery on a van, engraved into a bench, hell even mowed into a park field so it’s visible from above! Really go to town with the idea and push it to see what works and what doesn’t. Generally the simpler something is, the stronger and more versatile the branding elements around it can be. If it doesn’t work, well you’ve got some decent research for your final project, which is generally what gets you those points anyway.”


“Does the app even need a logo? The words OurPark with the right font and colours is all you really need.”

I have decided to work on the leaf/heart idea more and I will also test out just using a typeface without a logo. However, with it being an app and website some sort of logo even if just a monogram would be needed for favicons etc.

Custom Typeface Research

England World Cup Kit

“Nike’s England World Cup kits feature a bespoke typeface designed by Craig Ward” –

The brief for the new typeface for to include the St. Georges Cross if possible. This was incorporated in a 3D sense, which is hard to explain but the link above explains how this was done.

So although you can’t see the cross it is in their as a cross section. It is very interesting how it has been incorporated and the end result is a modern sans-serif typeface with character. Sometimes sans-serif typefaces lack character.

Designing a typeface would be a risk as it is not something I have done before and as this is a grassroots project paying for a custom typeface design is not appropriate.

Wireframes for the England typeface


National Trust Typeface

“Six years ago the National Trust revealed their updated branding from Wolf Olins which included their own new house font National Trust in assorted weights and designed by Paul Barnes of Commercial Type. The Trust describe their font as having been inspired by old engravings from their stately home Stourhead. It’s similar to Optima although it lacks some of the grace of Optima.” –

National Trust Typeface



The National Trust typeface has a heritage feel to it which isn’t appropriate for the target audience (parents taking their kids to parks), something modern is needed.

Further Logo Ideas and Feedback

John looked at the logo numbered 1 and said that it looked like OurPork and suggested changing the leaf/heart to point upwards, as shown in logo 2. Joe then said that it looked like OurPork but the other one didn’t. I don’t want to create confusion so I put the leaf/heart in the O. Although I think this feels cramped.

Lee gave feedback on that the Kirvy typeface was too futuristic. I agree with Lee as I was going through several typefaces to try to find something suitable.

Kirvy Typeface

Looking at apps and websites aimed at parents rounded typefaces tend to be more popular with a less formal look.

Second lot of ideas.

The feedback has been mixed but the last logo has the slight edge in popularity.


Logo trends for 2018

Want to keep it simple in order to