Plans for Parson Cross Park and other Park Research

Parson Cross Park Landscape Plan Updated Jan 2017

Found the plans for Parson Cross Park, there will be new housing on part of the park with a change of entrance. The old entrance will lead to the new houses.

I have emailed the Council again to see if I can get a copy of the results of the Parson Cross and Colley Park survey.

Further Research – Dog Mess in Colley Park – Litter issues after Football matches in Colley Park – Over 100 playgrounds in Sheffield

Sheffield’s Parks and Urban Green Spaces Under Threat

Vandalism in Sheffield Parks

“Defiant bosses at one of Sheffield’s most popular playgrounds have vowed not to let ‘mindless’ vandals wreck the fun for the vast majority.

Yobs struck overnight on Wednesday at Highfield Adventure Playground, in Sharrow, wrecking picnic tables and destroying toys used by scores of youngsters each week.”


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