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I opened by Etsy shop yesterday. I have moved away from “graphic design” and utilised a more “crafty” approach. However, I have used my illustration skills to draw a background. I created a vector from it so I can print it and use it on several cards.

It took a bit just to get 10 items up for sale. I could do with working on the banner and logo for the shop, it was done quickly as I means to get the shop up and running before Valentine’s day. From what I have read online I will need to have Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram account, etc in order to drive traffic to the site. However, I’m not sure I have the time to commit to this level of promotion until after I have finished my degree.

Shop Front
Product Page
Product Page

I’m part of a group of Facebook called Crafty Business Sheffield, here are what some of the members have said about selling on Etsy:

I use Etsy and I like it. There’s a really good Etsy sellers community in Sheffield who have started doing Etsy Made Local fairs and such, which have been really popular. You do have to do a lot of social media marketing to get sales, and that takes a long time to build up, but it’s the same with any platform you use. I’m thinking of trying Folksy this year, too.”

“I have an etsy shop and went a few months before I sold anything. You do have to market it yourself but I’m also getting traffic through etsy search results and I’ve started having more online sales since doing fares and making people know about me that way. There is lots you can do to optimise your etsy and google search results, there’s lots of advice out there and help in the etsy guidebook on their website.”

“It depends what you are selling. Set up is free and listings are inexpensive, but very few make much money on there. Where Etsy failed for me is in the promotion. You sped so much time promoting it is ridiculous.”

This comment was posted in January;

Not too bad to set up, but you need to drive traffic to your shop. As yet I haven’t sold anything been on since October. Still trying.”

The group has been really useful for networking and receiving advice. It’s been a good way to connect with other businesses/local crafters.

UPDATE: Even though I did not promote my Etsy page I still sold several valentine’s day cards.  I now feel working for myself selling online is the best route until the kids are older at which point I will do a PGCE (assuming I get a 2.1 from this degree).

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