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I opened by Etsy shop yesterday. I have moved away from “graphic design” and utilised a more “crafty” approach. However, I have used my illustration skills to draw a background. I created a vector from it so I can print it and use it on several cards.

It took a bit just to get 10 items up for sale. I could do with working on the banner and logo for the shop, it was done quickly as I means to get the shop up and running before Valentine’s day. However, I suspect without some promotion I won’t be selling anything anytime soon. From what I have read online if I want to seriously sell some cards/other handmade items then I will need to have a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram account, and possibly even more such as my own e-commerce site. Also maybe list items on Folksy and eBay too. However, I’m not sure I have the time to commit to this with me doing a degree and having two children. I think focusing on it after I have finished the degree may be this best option – I don’t want to spread myself too far.

Shop Front
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Product Page

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