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Don’t what is about Graffiti that I like, I think its probably the bright colours. Was out on a walk when I realised I could get onto the old Industrial site near Wooley Wood/Ecclesfield Road. Took a few photos and then I though I would search for other graffiti in Sheffield to see if others had taken photos. Came across this blog, He has photographed many pieces of street art around Sheffield and other places too,

“This website is a personal project, a place to share the photos of Sheffield’s varied street art that I’ve taken as I’ve been walking around the city.

My aim is to put the best grafitti, wall murals and specially commissioned works that I find on the map. I’m no photographer, the majority of the pictures have been snapped on my camera phone, but I hope to inspire people to come visit and seek out Sheffield’s creative street art.


Found out via Twitter than Andy works at Evoluted – a web development agency who have been around since 2006.

I also came across this artist,, she has worked with some big brands such as the BBC, Channel 4 and Ikea. She defines herself as “Artist, Painter, Graphic Designer”

Some of her work includes Illustration too:


Ben Moon


Blackburn Open Walls Stoke

Loving the use of colours, so vibrant and fresh. It’s inspiring me to work on my illustration/artwork side more. I have always enjoyed art/crafty things including drawing and painting. My work is nowhere near as good but with practice it could be better.

My images of some Graffiti near Wooley Wood/Ecclesfield Road. I’ve been along the road many times and noticed the tags. There was a gap in the fencing which allowed me to get into the area to take photos, which I didn’t know was there until I was walking past.

Shiregreen/Ecclesfield graffiti-10

Shiregreen/Ecclesfield graffiti-9

Shiregreen/Ecclesfield graffiti-7

Shiregreen/Ecclesfield graffiti-8

Shiregreen/Ecclesfield graffiti-7

Shiregreen/Ecclesfield graffiti-6

Shiregreen/Ecclesfield graffiti-5

Shiregreen/Ecclesfield graffiti-4

Shiregreen/Ecclesfield graffiti-3

Shiregreen/Ecclesfield graffiti-1


Shiregreen/Ecclesfield graffiti-2






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