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After designing a t-shirt and logo the band wanted a website. Another rush job has he had the domain name printed on the t-shirts for an upcoming gig but didn’t have a website (this delayed the printing of the t-shirts and mean’t another amendment to the back of the shirt). For the sake of speed I went through template options with the band’s founder. A few tweaks to the template plus colour changes were made to make sure the theme worked for the band.

He also wanted the website populating with a few posts linking to videos the band had put on Youtube. Links to their Youtube and Facebook profile was added. Unfortunately they were no good quality images of the band – all either low res phone images or stills from Youtube videos. I came up with the idea of adding a halftone effect to hide the poor quality and then converting to duo-tone. The duo-tone added a pop to the images that wasn’t there before. Although in an ideal world good quality images would be used – this is something I have fed back to the band.

Morfitt Website Homepage
Morfitt Blog Post Page


On reflection overall considering the time constraints I believe I did a good job of the site.

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