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My father-in-law plays in a band playing songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s such as Eagles, Beatles and Drifters songs. A logo and artwork was required which he wanted printed on t-shirts for the band. His idea was to have the evolution of man imagery but he wanted one of them to be a police office holding a truncheon whilst scratching his arse.

Image result for EVOLUTION OF MAN

He wanted the band name “Morfitt” to be “in a nice font underneath“. I went one step further and ran with the police theme for the band name. It was a quick turn around job as he wanted it for a gig.

Logo Ideas
Morfitt Logo and Evolution of Man Artwork
Morfitt Logo and Evolution of Man Artwork

I used the Police emblem/badge as to form the O.

Image result for police emblem uk

I originally went with a Serif typeface because I felt it suited their style of music Рmiddle of the road/soft rock/folk rock/pop. However it is hard to align this with the style of artwork he wants which is anti-police/anarchy/punk.

I played around with the typeface to see how it would look with different typefaces.

Logo Work, Different Typefaces
Logo Work, Different Typefaces

Having getting feedback about the typeface from the client, I worked the 4th logo shown in the image above.

I cleaned up the badge emblem and also the evolution of man artwork.

T-Shirt Mock Up
T-Shirt Mock Up

This is has been a hard brief to work due to the juxtaposition between the imagery wanted and the band’s music style.¬† I don’t believe it is possible to combine the two without it either looking incoherent or without leaning further to one style than the other. The final logo is probably the nearest I could get without going too far either way but I don’t feel it reflects their music style, however, the client is happy with the design and is going to get the t-shirts printed himself.

The band also had differing views on how the work should look. The singer wanted “one of the men to hold a guitar or there to be a music note on the front to indicate it is a band” as he was worried that the t-shirt did not look like a band t-shirt. The singer also wanted a lot of extra information on the front too – he was persuade by the other band mates to drop both ideas. Also he kept wanting to add extra information to the back which mean’t a delay yet needed the t-shirt quickly. Working with a client where there is more than one person making the decision caused delays and wasn’t easy to do. If I was to do this again I would suggest naming one person as the main decision maker.

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