Professional Development Ideas

Although my long term goal is to be a teacher I don’t plan to do this until my children are older. This has got me considering a few options.

I used to be into photography and many years ago I purchased a DSLR but unfortunately this now has a chipped lens. I am considered taking this up again and purchasing a new camera but something more portable like a Panasonic LX100.

In the past I have used my own illustrations in my work and I’m considering maybe expanding my illustration skills, possibly combing with with my photography by using these as a basis for my illustrations.

Previously I have made my own jewellery and I’m a generally crafty person. I ran my own e-commerce website,, selling handmade wedding stationery too.

I am thinking about printing my illustrations and/or photography onto some jewellery then possibly selling this on Etsy/Folksy, eBay or at Craft Fairs. I think Folksy is the UK one? I will be looking into this more.

Although I want to push my creative skills I don’t want to go to far away from what I already know so I’m hoping to combine skills I already have with some new skills.

I have briefly considered getting a Graphic Design placement and/or doing some Charity Graphic Design work. However, I’m not sure this is something I want to pursue at this time.