Professional Development Ideas

Although my long term goal is to be a teacher I don’t plan to do this until my children are older. This has got me considering a few options for what to do in between which will fit in with family commitments.

  • Graphic Design Work Placement to gain experience and improve my professional practice.
  • Graphic Design Jobs in particular part-time to fit around family
  • Look at Design Companies in Sheffield
  • Enter some Design Competitions to improve design skills
  • Selling on Etsy/Folksy, etc as I way to make an income
  • Explore photography as it will be useful for me as I would like to create illustrations from my photography eventually and also enable me to take good product photos for Etsy etc. Also the convergent nature of creative industries means that more and more disciplines are being combined and being able competent in several creative disciplines is becoming a necessity.
  • Networking – Updating and getting contacts on LinkedIn, Behance, etc.
  • Explore illustration as it is something I enjoy and I would like to use my illustration skills in my work, in particular to sell on Etsy
  • Looking further into Teaching and getting school experience for when I do apply for a PGCE.

Placements are an important part in gaining experience and a foot into the design world along with entering design competitions. However, I’m not 100% sure I want to work within the Graphic Design industry at this time but it is something I enjoy.

“Only a few graduates get jobs as a result of their final degree shows. Internships are a more common way of finding work and building up experience, making contacts and increasing your portfolio. The design world is small and design agencies will recommend interns who have impressed them, or contact them if there are suitable opportunities in the future.

Courses often provide the opportunity to work on projects with leading businesses and organisations. There may also be opportunities to take an optional work placement in industry or to work abroad as part of the Erasmus+ programme.

Participating in relevant competitions and exhibitions can help you to promote yourself and build up your contacts. You could also try and get some work experience, for example working for a film production company, television channel or even a magazine, or do some voluntary work on local projects.” –