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While all ages recognised adverts on TV as adverts, only the older children recognised display advertising as such. The defining characteristic as to whether adverts were considered as such is how much they interrupt the other things that they are doing – TV adverts interrupt the show they are watching, pop-ups do the same; banner ads don’t interrupt and can be passively ignored.

And in all cases the children had developed their own patterns for skipping this advertising as soon as possible – ignoring it, looking over it. When confronted with in-game advertising, for example, the children would leave their phone and mute and go and do something else while the adverts played out. They knew they were coming and had strategies to avoid them.

Interesting how younger children don’t recognise display advertising as advertising. And once children do recognise advertising they learn how to skip it – the advertising needs to engage children so that don’t skip past it.

I want to engage children and I thought about basing an advert on path puzzles as pictured here:


Path Puzzle


These adverts could feature inside Children’s magazines but also magazines/papers that parents read.

Other Research:

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