Sacha Ferrier Photography

Sacha Ferrior came into college today as part of our Professional Development sessions to discuss networking, brand, how much charge, amongst other things.

Getting your image right is very important as Sacha mentioned. You need to research who you are targeting. Researching your competitors is a good idea too as you can see what you are up against and what you can do differently, what you can offer that no one else can. Also showing a consistent image across the web (social media as well as your own site), business cards, brochures and other media is important. Sacha had a different logo on his website and brochure and no logo at all present on his business cards, but this may be due to not having time to update them yet. He has gone through several revisions of his logo/business cards before realising what he needed – he previous business cards did not show people what he did which is food photography.

One piece of advice was dress smart, he will not work with goths or people who are dressed scruffy. Yet he contraindicated himself by then saying he works with one man who looks “scruffy” but he will not work with another female photographer because of the way she looks even though he thinks she is a brilliant photographer. But this may have been because the man was working behind the scenes for him so didn’t see clients. People do judge you on first impressions and how you look counts, especially if you are applying for a job that is customer facing.

According to Sacha, the best way to network is share work and be kind. If you can’t take on a job recommend someone who can that you know, as they might recommend you back. Share useful information on relevant networking sites, Facebook groups, etc. Be nice, like a few posts. This is good advice as you can gain contacts and work yourself.

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