Illustrations to Appeal to Children

The original mock-ups didn’t have enough appeal to children. Children and adults (popularity of family animation films including anime) are attracted to the fun nature of cartoons and illustrations. Children’s books are illustrated in order to aid the understand of the narrative and also attract and maintain children’s attention.

“As far as what makes a good illustration for kids, the first thing that comes to my mind is the use of color. I am a true lover of black-and-white artwork (as well as color), but when it comes to kids—especially having spent time working in an elementary school, and as a mother of two—I would certainly put this at the top of the list…” — Allison Sojka, Author and Illustrator.

“Ultimately, marketers must influence both parents and children. Despite the influence that children have and the motives that drive parents to please their kids, parents have the final say, and transactions will only be successfully monetized by parent approved brands.” –

The phrases/image combination I believe would appeal to parents as it is challenging stereotypes. Mattel have found their sales of Barbie dropping as they believe parents see her as old fashioned. They created new dolls to try to combat this negative image.

“I know plenty of other mothers feel as I do about Barbie: that she’s an antiquated and warped take on unachievable perfection, however aspirational you dress her up to be.” – Rachel Halliwell,

“We were seeing that Millennials are driven by social justice and attracted to brands with purpose and values, and they didn’t see Barbie in this category.” – Tania Missad, Mattel’s Director of Global Brand Insights—10-years-too-late/

On discussing my work so far Paul felt that an image I had found of a boy wearing a fairy outfit crossed over in to the transgender issue. This sums a huge point for me, a girl dressed as Buzz Lightyear might get called a tomboy, a boy wearing a fairy dress must be transgender/gay. A little boy can’t just want to dress-up. It’s acceptable for a girl to do “boy” stuff (sometimes encouraged too)( but not the other way round.

That’s my boy!…I’m fairly certain.

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